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Ep 16 - 3 Common Challenges Teen Girls Face and How Parents Can Best Support with Erica Rood

May 6, 2021

In this episode, Erica Rood, founder of Inspire Balance Coaching, walks us through the 3 most common challenges teen girls face and how parents can best support. 

If you have a daughter of a teen (or tween) then prepare to take notes!

Erica covers in depth the following 3 challenges:

1) Self Confidence

2) Social Media

3) School Motivation

Wouldn't you agree that if you could get a handle on these 3 challenges, your teen would be much more balanced and happy?

...And as a parent, when your teens are happy, it's much easier to for YOU to be happy, too!

Please share this episode with someone you think needs this message right now, thank-you!

BIO - Erica Rood:
Erica is the founder of Inspire Balance Coaching.  She is a former teacher and certified Life Coach with over fifteen years of experience. 

Her specialized coaching programs provide parents and girls valuable insights and realistic strategies for handling the challenges of adolescence. Girls in her programs are empowered with tools and support that promote confidence, motivation, and an ability to make thoughtful,  self-empowering decisions. 

Her parenting programs teach effective practices that lead to fewer battles, less frustration, better communication, and more ease and enjoyment in parenting teens and tweens.

Please reach out to Erica for coaching for you and your teen:

Erica Rood

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